Pedigree Charolais, Limousin and Commercial Cattle from the Rumsden Herd in South East England

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Limousin & Commercial

Hampton Ballarat


Sire: Tattenhall Sylvain

Dam: Hampton Tamsin


Ballarat produced bulls at Perth up to 8,500gn for Hampton Javelin. Her granddaughter Nessie was dam of Kings Cup winner Eat My Shortts


H. Hampton Eliza born Jul 1989 by Fleets Rascal

H. Hampton Finesse born August 1990 by Tattenhall Impeccable. Dam of Rumsden Nessie

H. Hampton Glory born July 1991 by Cockerington Baron

H Hampton Hebe born June 1992 by MMB Occidental bred bulls to 3,500gns for Rumsden Oberon.

B. Hampton Javelin born March 1994 by Friarton Ensign sold to Goldies Charolais for 8,500gns.

B. Rumsden MacGregor born June 1996 by Charogal Ecossais. Sold locally as a pedigree herd sire.


H. Rumsden Ritz born Jan 2000 by Andrews Miracle. First bull calf sold for 4,500gns.

B. Rumsden Raffles born Jan 2000 by Andrews Miracle.

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