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Warninglid Hoya


Sire: Lamberhurst Charles (Tattenhall Impeccable x Clavering Oriel)

Dam: Chesham Troy (Chidlow Marquis x Chesham Neige)


We purchased Hoya from Warninglid in 1995 on the strength of her first calf at foot. She bred really well for us, and produced bull calf after bull calf. We were delighted when she produced a heifer by New, but devastateed when it died at a day old due to an accident in the field. Her last calf was another heifer, this time by Miracle, which also died. Hoya was then put down because she had worked herself so hard, we didn't think it was fair to put her in calf again. Her best calf was Rumsden Orlando which made 9,000gns at Perth.


B. Warninglid Lively born Jan 1995 by Rostherne Pacha. 5th prixe & sold at Carlisle May 1996 for 1,500gns.

B. Rumsden Matador born June 1996 by DeCrespigny Regent

B. Rumsden Northumberland born May 1997 by Givendale Frederick sold for commercial use to D. Massie.

B. Rumsden Orlando born April 1998 by Killadeas Jack sold at Perth for 9,000gns to Ravensworth Charolais.

B. Rumsden Phenomenon born May 1999 by Shoyswell Macbeth. Used on our herd and at Graywood Charolais.

B. Rumsden Railtrack born April 2000 by Andrews Miracle. Fat due to F&M restrictions.

June 2000 - flushed - 9 Grade A embryos by Killadeas JAck

H. Born July 2001 by Doonally New died in an accident.

B. Rumsden Tahoe born August 2002 by Doonally Prince. Sold to Martin Gibbons Valentino Charolais. Successfully shown.

H. Rumsden Unique born September 2003 by Andrews Miracle. Sadly died at 17 months.

By ET (all from one flush done on our Open Day June 2000)

B. Rumsden Toronto born March 2002 by Killadeas Jack - injured

B. Rumsden Tennessee born June 2002 by Killadeas Jack - Reserve Interbreed Champion Heathfield Show at 11 months old, sold Perth for 2,000gns.

B. Rumsden Canada born 22nd May 2007 by Killadeas Jack

H. Rumsden Carolina born 1st June 2007 by Killadeas Jack

H. Rumsden California born 2nd June 2007 by Killadeas Jack

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Warninglid Hoya

Rumsden Orlando

Rumsden Tennessee